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Premium leather

Premium Leather
 sourced by certified suppliers.

NFC tag

Allows to redeem the NFT.

Tech sole

Crafted through the harmonious blend of advanced 3D technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Removable fur

Style it with your unique flair.



The product has been crafted through a groundbreaking process in the fashion world. The Creative Director initiated a dialogue with the community, wherein the final design evolved from the initial concept.


You are not purchasing just a physical shoe. Our team has worked to provide you with a digital version of the product, accompanied by exclusive insights and details that elevate your ownership experience to a new dimension.


With the vision to innovate and revolutionize the supply chain, Rubensluciano has structured a process that amplifies the remarkable Italian craftsmanship. Our approach involves artisanal production of limited edition products, initiated only upon receiving an order. This not only adds value and honors the skill involved, but also adheres to our ethical commitments and sustainability parameters, fostering a new era of responsible fashion.

NFC chip allows us to connect it to your wallet to redeem the product.
  1. Place your phone on the right side of the right shoe.
  2. Open the link
  3. Follow the instruction and redeem your NFT.




A Vision Realized: The ONLYEVER x AVAVAV Co-Creation Journey

In a harmonious blend of innovation and fashion artistry, we at ONLYEVER have joined hands with AVAVAV to sculpt the future of footwear. This isn’t just a shoe—it’s a tribute to collaboration, passion, and creative expression.+

With our rich heritage of 35 years and an unmatched portfolio of design and prototyping for over 100 brands, we’ve refined our understanding of luxury and quality. Our roots extend deep into the craft, with countless luxury brands crafting their iconic footwear in the studio of Rubens Luciano, our parent company.

AVAVAV, under the visionary leadership of Creative Director Beate Karlsson, consistently breaks the mold, setting unparalleled standards in avant-garde footwear design. Their unapologetic creativity harmonised seamlessly with our profound expertise.

Together, we initiated an extraordinary co-creation process. Our beloved community, the true connoisseurs of fashion, were guided in as integral collaborators. Through their votes and invaluable insights, they played a pivotal role, ensuring this shoe was not just a product, but an art form birthed from collective genius.

The summit of this journey? A shoe that transcends style, narrating a tale of dedication, innovation, and unity. Now exclusively available for purchase, this isn’t just footwear—it’s a milestone in fashion history.

Step into the world of ONLYEVER x AVAVAV. Experience the pinnacle of fashion with us.

"From vision to reality: experience the ONLYEVER x AVAVAV evolution.".

0,2156 ETH 750,00