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Your key to unlock the future

You're an essential part of our story.
Our membership is designed to offer you a rich and immersive experience, a journey through the intersection of art, technology, and fashion. Participate the creation of quality products, a network of like-minded individuals who share your vision.



  • Allow list collaboration giveaways
  • Access to NFTs Drop
  • FCFS Access to co-creation drops
  • Virtual Trophy room (TBA)
  • Access to buy physical key
  • Online events ( AMA, community talk, workshop)


  • Access to IRL events
  • Direct channel with creatives
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  • VOTE X 2
  • Guaranteed NFTs Presale (2-3 days before)
  • Access to buy Physical key
  • Reserved price (15%)
  • Guaranteed access to co-creation drops
  • Possibility to voting on the co-creation proposals of the Ethernals


  • Access to the drop for IRL events
  • AMAs
  • Access to the Virtual Superba
  • Access to online events
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  • VOTE X 3
  • Reserved price (25%)
  • All areas access on OE Physical Club (TBA)
  • Possibility to proposing a project
  • Name on product co-created
  • Hosting an event in the villa (time limited and different tiers based on demand)
  • Access on IRL events (also invited to limited amount of Ethernals for other parties)
  • Reserved support (like a ticket that you can videocall for 30 min the creator)


  • All areas access on IRL events
  • Direct channel with creators
  • All areas access on OE Physical Club (TBA)
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