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OnlyEver envisions a future where all kinds of art are seamlessly interconnected through the physical and digital worlds. We aspire to redefine these industries by promoting community-driven co-creation, amplifying collective creativity through collaborative efforts.






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Discover Venice's hidden treasure

RubensLuciano S.p.A is the firm who gave birth to OnlyEver, with more than 30 year of experience is established as a one of the leader in the design footwear industry.


Discover La Superba, the place where it all began. Diverse forms of art converge to live harmoniously.

Featured by

• Vogue - Aug 2022

Our project was mentioned on VOGUE as the first place replicated in a digital way and host an immersive experience where buy NFT and get them as phisical asstes.

• Certificate 2022

OnlyEver obtained a certificate from ADI for the values these projects rapresent.

• September 2023 - MFW FW 24

Our project was mention on Nft Now as the First Phygital Club

• September 2023 - MFW FW 24

Our project was mention on Rarity Sniper as the First Phygital Club

• September 2023 - MFW FW 24

Our project was mention on Decrypt as the First Phygital Club

• September 2023 - MFW FW 24

Our project was mention on Highsnobiety as the First Phygital Club

• September 2023 - MFW FW 24

Our project was mention on Hypebeast as the First Phygital Club

• September 2023 - MFW FW 24

Our project was mention on Jing Daily as the First Phygital Club

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Our approach is built on the idea of mutual growth and shared goals, and we believe that our partners play an integral role in the journey. Connect with us.

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thanks to an amazing team

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OnlyEver commits to creating limited editions not just about exclusivity and uniqueness, it's about our dedication to sustainability. By producing on request, we consciously minimize the waste of materials and energy and promote responsible consumption for the members.

We believe less is truly more.
Each piece is made for a specific person.
More unicity, more unity.



OnlyEver made a strategic decision to adopt Solidity as their programming language for Web3 for several compelling reasons. Firstly, Solidity’s compatibility with the Ethereum blockchain, the backbone of Web3, allows OnlyEver to leverage the full potential of decentralized applications and smart contracts. Solidity’s robustness and security features ensure the integrity of OnlyEver’s operations, protecting user data and transactions. Furthermore, Solidity’s extensive developer community and vast resources provide a supportive ecosystem for innovation and problem-solving.

Unreal engines

Using Unreal Engine 5 for graphics is a transformative move that takes digital content creation to unparalleled levels. A standout feature of Unreal Engine 5 is its mastery in managing incredibly rich graphical details. Through its state-of-the-art global illumination system known as Lumen, it breathes life into environments with real-time lighting, giving shadows and reflections a strikingly authentic feel.

pixel streaming

Sophistication meets innovation as we present La Superba and the enviroments. Our cutting-edge pixel streaming captures every intricate detail, from the ornate frescoes to the time-worn stone, enveloping you in an immersive experience that transcends time.This technology allows you to access the villa from any device, delivering the highest rendering fidelity for every detail, making it a real experience.Immerse yourself in a seamless blend of history and modern technology, curated for the discerning members who appreciate depth and detail.

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